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An official 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers to aspire through chess and STEM education

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Local and International Chapters

Free Chess & STEM Classes

Pittsburgh based

FREE US Chess (USCF) membership on a need-basis

Supports English, Spanish, Chinese, and French

Our upcoming session is in-person on July 15-19th at Shaler North Hills Library from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, open to middle and high school students

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If you want to host a FREE Chess/STEM workshop at your community/school, please contact us at

We had a great 2023 with our many successful camps. Take a look at our photos and testimonials for STEM, international chess, and Spanish chess camps below!
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Why Chess

The Power of Chess

Chess is the perfect way to develop essential life skills at no cost through the microcosm of a game

Life Skills Taught by Chess:

Decision Making


Critical Thinking


Risk Analysis

Time Management

Performance under Pressure

Chess Education Supports:

Develops higher-order thinking skills

Fosters ability to consider multiple viewpoints & see things from the opponent’s perspective

Improves Memeory

Enhances Cognitive Ability

Correlates to scholastic achievement in STEM fields

What we do

Our Chess Classes

Free Mentors & Teachers

Making chess education free by interactive education with skilled and trained teachers: all our classes are provided at no cost to students

Level 1: Cubs

Teaching everything from the rules of the game to basic openings, strategy, and endgames

Level 2: Tigers

More intermediate players who want a challenge can learn more advanced concepts, techniques, and dynamic patterns

Free USCF Rated Tournaments & Need-Based Memberships

Giving students a taste of real tournament experience to perform under pressure and continue their chess beyond our classes. USCF membership of 1 year will be sponsored to students on a need-basis

Our STEM Classes

There exist a plethora of competitions and STEM opportunities in high school, but in middle school, these opportunities are far and few between. This is a shame becuase middle school is the perfect time to start exploring and developing a passion for STEM. Often times, when students finally find out about all the opportunities that exist at the high school level, it is already too late as students are swamped with a variety of other obligations. Here at Chesspire, we deliver the resources necessary to kickstart your students on their academic journey with expert teaching and competitive middle school olympiads.

Variety of Subjects

We teach Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at the olympiad level to get students a taste of the core subjects of science.

Olympiad & Competition Kickstart

Middle school is the perfect time to develop the passion for STEM and excel in Science Bowl, Science Bee, and the National Olympiads.

Improved Scholastic Achievement

Students will gain a deeper understanding of science, leading them to do better academically and get better grades.

Competitions with Prizes

Content is easily forgotten without application. We conduct olympiad-style competitions with prizes to keep the students engaged and have them solidify what they learned.

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Take a look at our previous summer camp!

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What Our Students and Parents Say

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Take a look at our previous winter camp!


Take a look at our keynote speakers!

PhD Dr. Andrew Zentner

Winter Keynote Speaker

I am a theorist with research interests that lie within cosmology, defined rather broadly. I strive to maintain a close connection with observation in large part because the amount and discriminating power of observational data is expanding rapidly and will continue to expand into the next decade. ... My aim is to make predictions that are unique and testable in the near term and to facilitate comparisons with data that are robust and maximize the discriminating power of the data. In many cases, this leads to studies of the particular capabilities of forthcoming instruments to study any variety of phenomena, from dark energy evolution to galaxy formation processes. My interests range throughout a broad cross section of cosmology to encompass galaxy formation, the phenomenology and identification of the dark matter and dark energy, and astrophysical limits on fundamental physics.

State Rep. Dr. Arvind Venkat

Summer Keynote Speaker

Rep. Arvind Venkat, an emergency physician, was elected to serve his first term in the state House of Representatives in November 2022. He is the first Indian American to be elected to the state House and the first physician to serve in the General Assembly in nearly 60 years.... He serves as State Representative for the 30th Legislative District, which includes part of Hampton Township, and all of McCandless, Franklin Park, Ohio Township, Emsworth, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, and Kilbuck. Rep. Venkat is a fighter for accessible and affordable healthcare, investing in our first responders, protecting reproductive rights, curbing gun violence, expanding access to the ballot box for all voters, and getting more people back into the workforce. His parents immigrated to the United States, and it was their hard work and commitment to service that inspired him to become a physician. Rep. Venkat completed his undergraduate and graduate education at Harvard University, his medical education at Yale University, and his emergency medicine residency at the University of Cincinnati/University Hospital. He served as a member of the Board of the McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority and is a former president of the state emergency physicians organization. Rep. Venkat currently lives in McCandless with his wife and three children.


What Our Students and Parents Say

Summer Camps

Upcoming Camp Details

Summer Chess Camp

Date: July 15-19th, 2024

Location: Shaler North Hills Library

Details: Open to beginners and intermediate chess players (0-1600 elo). Registration Details coming soon

Summer Cognitive Science Camp

Date: July 15-19th, 2024

Location: Shaler North Hills Library

Details: Teaches neuroscience and practical cognitive science principles to learn, study, focus, plan, and live better!

USCF Rated Tournaments

USCF Membership Sponsorship: We cover the cost of a USCF membership (encouraged but not required for this first session) for a year on a need-basis. Please contact for more information.

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Founding Story

As Haresh and Kaartic were attending many chess tournaments far from home, they realized that there wasn’t a big chess community in the suburbs like there were in central Pittsburgh and other big cities where chess tournaments were held. In the suburbs and local communities, chess clubs and communities have been few and far between. Furthermore, chess education is an effective way to develop crucial life skills for underprivileged and underserved communities for free. They set out on a mission to foster the development of essential real-life skills like problem-solving and decision-making at a young age by spreading the love of chess with the creation of a supportive community.

Meet our Founders

a headshot of Haresh Muralidharan is pictured.
Enjoys Teaching Loves STEM Polyglot

Haresh Muralidharan

Haresh Muralidharan is a high-school junior with a passion for Chess, STEM, and business. He has a variety of hobbies ranging from reading books to learning various languages to Taekwondo, in which he is currently a second-degree black belt. His accomplishments include winning 15th place nationally in Science Bowl and working on creating an AI-focused documentary in partnership with SLB Radio. He is an avid tournament chess player, having won many interstate tournaments and having played internationally as well. As the president of his school chess club, he has run many tournaments, including officially rated ones as a USCF-certified club tournament director. As a lifelong learner with a passion for teaching, he wanted to spread crucial life skills such as problem-solving and decision making through the rich game of chess.

a headshot of Kaartic Muralidharan is pictured.
Coder Enjoys Science Author

Kaartic Muralidharan

Kaartic Muralidharan is a freshman with a wide range of interests. He has been interested in science since a young age. He authored a book called Power of Energy on the different types of renewable energy. He enjoys spending time outside and loves to bike. His biking adventures allowed him to get familiar with the geography, another one of his interests, of his neighborhood. He also enjoys making things on his own, ranging from various real world contraptions to websites. As an avid chess player, he has participated in many chess tournaments and won various prizes in them. He hopes to spread his knowledge and passion for teaching chess through Chesspire.


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Meet our Advisors

a headshot of John Morey is pictured.
Assistant Principal 22 years NAI

Dr. John Morey

John Morey has been an educator for 22 years with the last eight as a school administrator in the North Allegheny School District. He believes that all students should be provided opportunities to learn and grow and is excited to support this wonderful program which does just that!

a headshot of Carolyn Steele is pictured.
GOAL Teacher Loves Chess NAI

Mrs. Carolyn Steele

Steele is a gifted education teacher from North Allegheny Intermediate High School. She loves helping students engage in higher level thinking activities like chess.